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Bouquets and flower arrangements are a hit when it comes to designing events such as weddings and product launches. The natural feel that flowers give off as it is used as decoration makes guests feel warm and relaxed throughout the event. More so, flowers make for some of the best centrepieces in a table as well as an auxiliary design for the whole venue. Bouquets also serve the purpose of being meaningful gifts to family members and friends as the language of flowers means a lot depending on which type of flower is given. Here are a few trends on how flowers have become an integral part of designs and gifts in 2018 and tips on choosing the best local florist in Melbourne.

Latest Trends in Floral Designs

Fresh flowers are way more popular than their synthetic counterparts. The scent and the soft feeling that fresh flowers provide make them a total hit during events. Also, flowers are very flexible in terms of design. You can use them in almost any kind of formal and informal event with any kind of motif or theme.

1. Flower Jewelry means using flowers as accessories to fit the theme of an event. These can range from as simple as a flower necklace up to elegant bracelets and earpieces that give a fresh look to any guest attending the event.

2. Rich Purples are a majestic colour of flowers that have become popular due to its versatility in terms of design. Rich Purples offer a deep shade as compared to Lavenders which makes its elegant colour a must-have for bouquets used as centrepieces for tables and other furniture.

3. DIY Mini Flower Bouquets are cheap and easy to prepare as you can use almost anything to make the bouquet work out in terms of design. Any kind of flower works depending on how the bouquet is shaped. What’s even better is that these kinds of bouquets are customizable using different flower arrangements that fit the event or the occasion.

4. Flower Walls always have a lighthearted feel to the design which makes even plain walls and structures look beautiful without much additional design added. These designs are simple and easy to make but can be extremely eye-catching if executed correctly.

5. Metallic Bouquets are a classy and elegant twist to the usual bouquets using metallic designs to hold the flowers together. The trendy look is very popular to the younger audience because of its mix of futuristic style with natural flowers that give a humbling and earthy feel.

Fresh Cut Flowers from Local Florists in Melbourne

If you’re looking for the freshest flowers and amazing flower arrangements near Melbourne, then check out these amazing stores that offer quality service. Whether it’s for an event or as a gift, these are some of the best flower shops in the business that can provide exactly what you need.

1. Botanics Of Melbourne offers flower arrangements for both weddings and corporate events with their freshest flowers. You get to choose what kind of design you want and the flowers you will need, or you also have the option to ask their opinion regarding which style would best fit your event. Shop by colour or by occasion and let the ideas come to your head as you choose which design works best for your needs.

2. Flash Flowers delivers the freshest flowers in a flash with free delivery to boot. Whether it’s someone’s birthday or you happen to need flowers arranged as a present to someone special, you’re sure to find the mix of quality and price with their wide selection of bouquets.

3. Little Market Bunch specializes in preparing flower bouquets for gifts and personal events. Their selection of flowers is vibrant and light-coloured which makes them prime choices for any cheerful event you wish to hold. Bouquets prepared to look elegant as centrepieces for tables during debuts and weddings.

4. Daily Blooms Australia holds a special arrangement of bouquets every day which is available until supplies last. Their approach to flower arrangements reflects the season as well as current trends popular with different audiences. If you ever want to surprise someone you know with an amazing gift then this shop is definitely worth checking out.

5. Petals Network takes pride in its same-day delivery of flowers. If you need those bouquets ready for an event or as an impulsive surprise for a friend then this shop is the place to go. You won’t have to worry about your floral designs ever again if you’ve got a shop that offers a delivery service as fast as this one.

Tips in Buying Flowers for Events or for Gifts

Buying flowers without much knowledge on how to fully utilize its appeal can be tough, but here are a few guidelines you can follow to help you choose which flowers to buy.
1. Choose seasonal flowers only when it’s the right season.
Always ask your local florists when your favourite flowers are in season so that you can get better deals. Knowing a little bit more about when flowers bloom and grow can help you get the flowers that fit your event needs or your personal gift that you’re preparing.

2. Know the language of flowers.
Giving flowers as gifts can mean a lot of different things if you don’t know what each flower stands for. Always be willing to ask your local florist about the meaning behind each flower before you decide to give it as a gift. You wouldn’t want to be giving flowers signifying death to someone celebrating their birthday, right?

3. Understand how long these flowers stay fresh.
For wedding and corporate events, flowers need to stay fresh in order to look good and presentable to guests. Do a little bit of research on how to keep natural flowers fresh and choose those that stay fresh a lot longer than others. If an event lasts longer than a few days then you either should replace your flowers with fresh ones or go for those that last longer than others. Also, make sure to hydrate the flowers from time to time. Keeping the flowers hydrated can keep them fresh and pleasing to look at.

Flowers make up a huge part of the trends and designs in 2018 due to its versatility. Flower arrangements also look pleasing and can be a great gift to a colleague, a friend, or a family member. However, knowing a lot more about flowers is necessary so that you don’t end up in compromising positions when you’re preparing for an event or giving a gift. A little bit of research goes a long way if you want to use flowers as part of your design.

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