Healthiest breakfast solution for our fast-paced life

Life these days is very fast-paced. Things happen so fast we often don’t realize what is happening until it has already happened. Everyone is trying to excel and be someone in life and that leaves little to no time for other important things like eating right and working out.

The diet we consume is probably the most important aspect of leading a healthy and happy life. But, with the life we live these days, there is hardly any time for us to sit down and enjoy a meal, let alone prepare it.

We need to provide our body with proper nutrition so it can function at the optimum level. If our body and mind are healthy then we will be able to perform better at work and climb the stairs to success quicker than others.

Usually, while working we tend to order take outs or prepare a pre-cooked mean in the microwave, which is never a good idea if you are trying to watch your weight or just be healthy, in general. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we all know that.

But, due to lack of time or resources, we often skip it or eat something unhealthy instead. If we plan our time a little better then we can whip up tasty and healthy meals that would take us one step forward in leading a happier and healthier life. We have made a list of things that would help you with that.

1. Smoothies

We have all had fresh smoothies at some point in our lives and loved it. Did you know they also make for great breakfast options? You could whip up a healthy and tasty smoothie in your very own kitchen. Not all smoothies are healthy so you will have to make some difficult choices.

Did you know that smoothies have the highest satiety? Satiety is basically the opposite of hunger. So, it means that if you drink a smoothie for breakfast then it will help you to feel full for longer period of time. You will not feel hungry or crave unhealthy snacks, which is very good if your aim to shed those extra pounds.

Research studies have found that exchanging meal with healthy fruit or vegetable shakes have been observed to be very beneficial for weight loss. Some of the food items that are low in calorie and high in satiety content are whole fruits, whole vegetables, yams, potatoes, and cooked whole grains like brown rice.

2. Porridges

Porridge is known as the king of breakfast. It is comprised of oats and cereal grain, which has been consumed since the Bronze Age. No matter how far and wide you search, you will not be able to find a single food product that alone meets all the nutritional requirements of our body.

But, there are some items of food that are higher in nutritional content than others. They also offer more health benefits. These types of foods are often called as ‘superfoods.’ Porridge is one of these items.

One of the main ingredients of porridge is oats. Oats are known for having a low glycemic index. It means that instead of spiking up your blood sugar and then rapidly decreasing like other food items, it slowly and consistently provides your body with blood sugar for a longer period of time.

The slow and consistent release of energy will leave you feeling full for longer. It is also rich in iron, vitamin B, and antioxidants. There are many dishes that you could quickly make with oats being the main ingredient.

You could make muesli by adding nuts and dried fruits to your oats. You could add fresh blueberries or strawberries, which would additionally provide you with natural vitamins. Also, you could whip up the old and evergreen porridge.

You could easily find a readymade alternate for porridges of different kinds but it is best to prepare it at home. That way you will be able to avoid all the additives that are harmful to you. Porridge is also a great meal to have before you head out for your workout at the local gym.

Its consistent and gradual release of energy will help you push through the workout without feeling tired or hungry. If you don’t want to prepare it yourself or cooking just seems like a lot of work for you then you could order from outlets that will deliver the freshly made tasty porridge at your doorstep.

3. Protein Shakes

Protein shakes also make for a good breakfast. It is especially good if you work out in the morning. Most of our body’s nutritional needs are met from the food items we eat and drink. But, since every food item has different nutrients in them it gets difficult for one person to eat so many different items throughout the day. One of the best alternatives to eating whole food is consuming protein shakes.

Protein helps to repair and recover the muscles that get damaged during a workout. A good portion of our daily food intake should consist of proteins whether you are trying to lose weight or gain some muscle mass. Protein shakes are extremely easy to make. They are also very light on your stomach. So, if you are someone who doesn’t like to start the day with a heavy meal, then this is a great option for you.

If you are someone who wants to take a step towards living a healthier and happier life, then starting with a healthy breakfast is the way to go. A healthy breakfast plays a crucial role in deciding how your day goes and how productive you are able to be.

Try implementing any of the options above for a couple of days to notice a difference. Once you realize how good it is and how healthy it makes you feel, you will not be able to go back to unhealthy options. If you are not into cooking then there are many places that provide healthy meal options at your doorstep.

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